About The Book

Sustainable Sushi: A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time

By Casson Trenor

Sustainable Sushi answers the question on the minds of millions who enjoy eating fish: how can we indulge the desire to dine well while keeping our health and the health of the oceans in mind?

With painstaking research found in no other book on the market to date, this pocket-size guide profiles dozens of the most common fish and shellfish one might encounter at a sushi bar, details where and how they are caught, whether or not they are safe, and how they figure in the current fishery crisis.

Written by a fishery and sustainability expert who was himself netted long ago by the allure of Japanese cuisine, Sustainable Sushi offers simple, clear explanations of such topics as mercury and PCB levels, overfishing, and species extinction. Attractively designed and featuring quick facts, maps, photos, and illustrations, the book was written for both the novice and the seasoned sushi fan. In a storm of seafood shortages and frightening statistics, Sustainable Sushi shows readers how to enjoy the sushi bar without guilt.

Sustainable sushi: a guide to saving the oceans one bite at a time
Readers Loved The Book


“For any seafood lover who desires to get closer to food while doing the right thing, this book is a gem.”
—Trevor Corson, author of the best-selling The Story of Sushi

“At 110 pages, this book is a more in-depth look at 39 species found on sushi menus. Trenor includes information on such crucial issues as mercury levels, dredging, and crowded fish farms. The species are color-coded so that you can tell from just a glance whether it’s sustainable, unsustainable, or one that you should proceed with caution about. It’s a must-read for any sushi aficionado.”

“So, for those of you who love sushi as much I do, but don’t know which fish are safe or sustainable to eat, Sustainable Sushi proves to be quite a handy guide. I’ll definitely be taking it with me the next time I dine out for sushi, it’s a keeper!”
The Alternative Consumer

Sustainable Sushi formats an ocean’s worth of information into a manageable handbook, and diners who carry it will hold the power to order wisely, enjoy a guilt-free meal, and help assure that sushi is not just a short-lived pleasure of the present, but a sustainable industry of the future.”
Santa Barbara Independent

“[Casson Trenor] is a sustainability expert who offers clear insights perfect for seafood enthusiasts.”
The Midwest Book Review

“[Trenor’s] Sustainable Sushi is full of hard fishery facts and undeniable science…but Trenor wisely knows that it’s not just the facts that will change minds. Gorgeous illustrations of each fish and clear photos of exquisite sushi dishes will surely convince readers that seafood like the relatively abundant Northwestern geoduck is as tasty as and more sustainable than the scarce Caribbean conch. Most of us want to do the right thing, but few are willing to sacrifice gustatory pleasure doing it. Sustainable Sushi shows that it is possible to eat right—and well.”
Edible Los Angeles

“This is an interesting read for anyone concerned with sustainability and seafood. Trenor’s passion for the topic is evident in the vast amount of research he presents.”

“[Casson Trenor] describes 39 types of fish commonly found in sushi bars and ranks them as ‘sustainable’ (eat up), ‘use cation’ (limit your consumption), or ‘unsustainable’ (avoid).… Trenor’s advice? Ask questions and stick to your principles. A sushi chef should learn that customers care. Sustainable Sushi was designed to fit into a purse or pocket, so you can easily bring it to a restaurant.”
California Coast & Ocean Magazine

“Do you know the difference between trolling, purse seine and long line fishing? Have you ever wondered where your delicious maguro sashimi come from and how it has been caught?…This little but informative—and surprisingly entertaining—guide does a wonderful job in debunking these myths and in providing an unforgiving view on the state of our oceans.”
Valentina’s Room

“[Sustainable Sushi is] an educational book written from a very positive point of view…The author created a guide that will make every sushi lover knowledgeable about sustainable sources of fish, mercury levels, fishing practices and much, much more.”

“Sustainable Sushi tells the story behind the fish on the sushi menu and offers clear guidelines for what to order so you can continue to enjoy your shiromaguro (as long as it’s troll-caught from Pacific waters) and other fish.”
The Nourish Network