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Welcome to Sustainable Sushi, where we answer the question on the minds of millions who enjoy eating sushi and seafood: how can we indulge the desire to eat fish while keeping our health and the health of the oceans in mind?

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What is sustainable sushi?

“I love sushi.” You tend to hear that a lot. But do you know where your fish is coming from? What fish should you avoid? Which is the best sustainable fish? So before you open a new tab and search for “sushi near me” take a moment to learn about your next meal.

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Sustainable Sushi is dedicated to providing sustainable seafood resources

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COMING SOON // sustainable SeafooD GUIDE

What is “Sustainable Fish”?

Let’s be clear, the best sustainable fish to eat is… none. That’s right, vegan sushi is the most sustainable. But that’s a tall order to fill, since we can all agree that sushi is amazing. This guide will breakdown what to look for when you’re scrolling through sushi menu options.


41 Types of Sushi (What To Avoid and What To Buy)

There are many types of sushi. There’s sushi vs sashimi. Sushi cut rolls and sushi hand rolls. Sushi with no fish and sushi that’s only fish. In a few minutes you’ll be an expert in all the sushi types.

SustainableSushi.NET was founded by casson trenor in 2009

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Sustainable and traceable fish

Remember ‘itadakimasu.’ Reciting this word is a common way to open a meal in Japan, and literally means “I humbly accept the gift of your life.” It’s based on Shinto tradition and the idea that for one organism to survive, another often has to die.

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Endangered & Critically endangered fish species


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Everyone deserves to enjoy sushi

The fish deserve better too. Together, we can adjust our behaviors and make sure future generations have the joy of experiencing the taste of fish. Let’s make sustainable fish a reality.