Learn about the health benefits and health risks of eating fish and seafood in general. We also cover topics that affect the health of fish populations and marine life.

Is sashimi healthy

Is Sashimi Healthy? (How Sashimi Affects Your Health)

Many first timers wonder, “is sashimi healthy?” when staring at a few cuts of raw fish. There are not many animal products that can be eaten raw, so it’s no surprise that people question how the raw fish might affect their health. When bought from reputable sources, sashimi is a healthy and safe option that…

Mercury in fish

Mercury in Fish

What is mercury, why is it in my food, and why should I care? Mercury is a heavy metal that occurs naturally in our environment, generally in a sequestered or inert state. Over the last century, however, industrial pollution from power plants, waste incinerators, and mining operations have contributed to a pronounced increase in our…

Pcb in fish

What Are PCBs?

So you may be wondering what are PCBs? And are they in my seafood dinner tonight? Polychlorinated biphenyls, or simply PCBs, are man-made compounds that were intended to make our lives easier, but are beginning to have the opposite effect. PCBs are generally used in a number of industrial applications, such as for coolants and…

What is omega 3

What Is Omega-3?

Omega-3s, aka omega-3 fatty acids, are a group of unsaturated fatty acids essential to human development.  They are found in numerous foods, including certain fish.  Oily cold-water fish, like sardines, wild salmon, and mackerel, have high levels of omega-3s. In fact, a great deal of advertising capital has been expended on omega-3 awareness in recent…