There’s something extremely rewarding about preparing your own seafood meal. Here you’ll find fish recipes that are sustainable and healthy.

California roll recipe - diy simple sushi recipes to make at home

California Roll Recipe: A Simple At-Home Sushi Recipe

California sushi roll is a very common and popular type of sushi, or more specifically, maki sushi. It’s also known as “Western” or “American-style” sushi recipe. This means that it is not made with traditional Japanese ingredients, such as rice flavored with sweetened vinegar and fish seasoned with wasabi and soy sauce. This California roll…

Unagi sushi faux-nagi sablefish sushi recipe

Sustainable Unagi Sushi Recipe (Sablefish vs Eel)

This unagi sushi recipe uses sustainable sablefish in place of traditional and unsustainable freshwater eel. If you love unagi, this will be a close cousin that you’ll feel a lot better about eating, when considering the sustainability issues of fishing eel. INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 lbs. sablefish fillet (or black cod) 1 large sheet konbu (kelp) 1/4 cup water 1/4…