Miami, FL: Sustainable Sushi, a sustainable seafood blog, has acquired, a content website devoted to sustainability issues. Sustainable Sushi’s site ( provides sushi recipes, seafood guides, and information on the seafood industry to help people make sustainable choices when purchasing seafood products and sushi.

The founder of Sustainable Sushi, David Hirsch, stated “We are excited to bring this valuable resource into our organization and continue to grow our impact in the fight for ocean sustainability.” With this acquisition, Sustainable Sushi will be able to provide even more resources to help people make responsible seafood choices.

This acquisition will help further Sustainable Sushi’s mission of educating people about the importance of ocean sustainability and promoting sustainable seafood choices. In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Sustainable Sushi is also dedicated to providing readers with sustainable fish guide, and delicious, high-quality sushi recipes that they can make at home.

According to a report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), “The ocean is the lifeblood of our planet, generating oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. It is also a vital source of food, jobs and income. The ocean’s health is essential for human well-being.” The report goes on to say that “Over three billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods. Yet, the ocean is under immense pressure from human activity.” With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to educate consumers and media companies like Sustainable Sushi are essential in the fight for ocean sustainability.

Noaa our ocean infographic - sustainable sushi acquires sustainability site
Infographic: Why should we care about the ocean?
Our ocean provides countless benefits to our planet and all the creatures that live here.
Source: NOAA

The health of our oceans is under threat from a variety of sources, including climate change, pollution, and overfishing.

  • Climate change is causing ocean temperatures to rise, which can lead to coral bleaching and the death of marine life. In addition, as the planet warms, we can expect more extreme weather events such as hurricanes, which can damage coastal communities and disrupt marine ecosystems.
  • Pollution comes from a variety of sources, including land-based sources such as agriculture, manufacturing, fashion, and mining; and ocean-based sources such as oil and gas drilling, shipping, and tourism. This pollution can cause serious harm to marine life and the overall health of our oceans.
  • Overfishing is a major threat to the ocean’s health. Overfishing can cause populations of fish to dwindle and can disrupt the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. It can also have serious economic consequences, as it can lead to job losses and decreased revenue for fishermen.

The first publication in a series focused how various industries affect the oceans’ health is entitled Microfibers In The Ocean: How Fast Fashion Is Killing Us. It describes how the growth of the fast fashion industry has caused a chain reaction that ultimately affects the health of over 7 billion people.

Sustainable Sushi is committed to fighting these threats to the ocean’s health. With its acquisition of, Sustainable Sushi will be able to provide even more seafood resources to readers around the world, who all depend on healthy oceans.

About Sustainable Sushi: Sustainable Sushi is a blog about sushi, the seafood industry, and sustainability. The site features sushi recipes, how-tos, recommendations and guides. Readers can learn how fish affects their health and how their love of seafood affects the health of the oceans. Sustainable Sushi’s goal is to educate people on what it means to eat sustainably so you can enjoy delicious food while doing your part for our planet!

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