Villagefishmongernyc. Com acquisition

Miami, FL: Sustainable Sushi, a sustainable seafood blog, has acquired, a content website devoted to fresh fish, seafood selection, and expert fishmonger advice. provides sushi recipes, seafood guides, and information on the seafood industry to help people make sustainable choices when purchasing seafood products and sushi.

The editor of Sustainable Sushi, Andre Alexander, stated “We are excited to bring this valuable brand into our organization and continue to educate seafood lovers about the healthiest fish choices — for themselves and the oceans.”

The site was created by a Community Supported Fishery startup in NYC that focused on local, sustainable seafood. While they still served the traditional local fishmonger role, they also promoted “boat-to-table” sourcing of fish and a careful selection of seafood options. The leading fishmonger website was featured in National Geographic, HuffPost, GrubStreet, and Quartz.

Village fishmonger press - sustainable sushi acquires leading fishmonger site
Sustainable Sushi acquires fish content website

This acquisition will help further Sustainable Sushi’s mission of educating people about on fish, shellfish and expert fishmonger tips on selecting the best fish year-round.

Sustainable Sushi is committed to delivering quality content and guides on the fish selection process. With its acquisition of, Sustainable Sushi will be able to provide even more resources to readers around the world, who love fish and shellfish and want future generations to experience the joy of seafood.

About Sustainable Sushi: Sustainable Sushi is a blog about different types of fish in sushi, the seafood industry, and seafood sustainability. The site features sushi recipes, how-tos, recommendations and guides. Readers can learn how fish affects their health and how their love of seafood affects the health of the oceans. Sustainable Sushi’s goal is to educate people on what it means to eat sustainably so you can enjoy delicious food while doing your part for our planet!

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